Centre Pivots and Linear Irrigation

Centre pivots and linear irrigation systems are advanced methods of agricultural irrigation designed to efficiently distribute water across large fields.

Since 1988, we have proudly been Australia’s leading distributor for T-L Irrigation centre pivots and linear irrigation systems. T-L Irrigation has been a leader in the industry for over 60 years with their innovative water-efficient centre pivots, linear irrigation systems, quick tow systems, and cutting-edge sprinkler technology.

Water Dynamics specialises in providing comprehensive solutions for your irrigation needs, including designing, supplying, and installing T-L Irrigation centre pivots and linear irrigation systems. Our expertise ensures you receive top-quality irrigation systems tailored to your specific requirements.

We also maintain an extensive inventory of pivots and spare parts to ensure immediate resolution of any crop-critical breakdowns, minimising downtime and maximising productivity for your agricultural endeavours. If you have a critical breakdown on your pivot, contact our local experts from your nearest branch.

While we specialise in T-L Irrigation centre pivots and linear irrigators, our team is well equipped to provide top-quality, comprehensive services to a range of popular pivot brands like Bauer, Valley, Zimmatic, Reinke, Cropaia, Otech, Irrifrance, Valley Centre Pivots and Pierce, plus many others. Our commitment to excellence makes us a leader in the irrigation industry throughout Australia.


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Centre Pivots

Centre pivot irrigation involves a series of wheeled towers, typically anchored at the centre of the field, with sprinklers or drip lines mounted on the moving structure. As the pivot rotates around its central point, it evenly waters the crops in a circular or semi-circular pattern. This approach is suitable for circular or irregularly shaped fields and is ideal for row crops and larger acreages.

The T-L Irrigation range of centre pivots are hydraulically operated and provides a vast range of benefits over traditional electric-powered irrigators, including the elimination of “spoking” the “spoking” effect caused by the stop-start operation of electrically powered irrigation systems, resulting in even water uniformity and improved crop production.

Additional centre pivot options

  • Drive system
  • GPS controls
  • Auto end-gun booster
  • Automatic reverse
  • Remote monitoring controls
  • Position stop
  • Auto end-gun shutoff
  • Pipe materials and sizes
  • Tyre options

To learn more about T-L Irrigation centre pivots, download the brochure.

Linear Irrigation

Linear irrigation employs a straight-line approach. It features a set of ground-mounted pipes, tubes, or hoses that move linearly across the field with no central pivot. Water is delivered through the nozzles, sprayers, or drip lines as the linear system moves along its designated path. This method is well-suited for rectangular or square farming properties.

T-L  linear systems exhibit remarkable efficiency, consuming 60% less water compared to surface irrigation while effectively covering nearly 98% of rectangular fields. Every sprinkler system uniformly distributes water, regardless of its position within the system, making it an excellent choice for low-pressure applications.

T-L Irrigation’s ultra-linear tractor is for you if you have an L-shaped, adjacent, or parallel field. The ultra-linear spans the pivot around a stationary 4-wheel tractor using a furrow, cable, concrete ditch, or buried wire for guidance. The tractor can rotate, allowing the system to operate in various orientations.

To learn more about T-L’s linear irrigation or T-L’s ultra-linear tractor, download the brochures.

Quick Tows

Discover the convenience of quick tow systems, meticulously designed for your pivot irrigators’ portable or towing needs, ensuring a seamless process for quickly relocating your centre pivot.

The T-L Irrigation quick tow is a remarkably versatile solution, catering to various agricultural requirements such as crop rotation, supplemental irrigation, and double cropping. The design of our quick tows strategically places the power source, hydraulic pump, and fuel tank on the pivot point, ensuring the system is tow-ready with minimal preparation.

T-L Irrigation has two types of quick tows, a 2-wheel and 4-wheel quick tow centre pivot options, each retaining the exceptional qualities inherent in all T-L systems. Benefit from superior structural strength, operational simplicity, even water distribution, enhanced safety features, and reduced maintenance costs.

To learn more about the T-L Irrigation quick tows, download the brochure.


Corner Pivots

T-L Irrigation corner pivots, also known as corner arm irrigators or corner irrigation systems, are a type of mechanised irrigation system used in agriculture to water large rectangular or square fields efficiently.

They are a variation of centre pivot irrigation systems designed to cover the corners of rectangular fields that traditional centre-pivot systems might miss. They are safe, have low-voltage controls that use sturdy hydraulic power and have a continuous movement system that keeps your corner arms in great shape, as they don’t stop and start all the time.

To learn more about T-L Irrigation corner pivots, download the brochure.

Pivot Controls

Pivot irrigation controls are components of high-precision software solutions that empower how centre pivots are monitored, typically including advanced features such as automated scheduling, variable rate irrigation, and real-time monitoring capabilities of how much water is applied to the crops, aligning with specific growth stages and environmental conditions.

The benefits of pivot irrigation controls are manifold. They contribute to water conservation by minimising over-irrigation, enhancing crop yield by ensuring optimal water distribution and reducing operational costs through efficient resource utilisation. These controls often integrate with weather data, soil sensors, and other relevant inputs to enhance decision-making and overall farm management.

T-L Irrigation has various options, including manual control, point control, precision point III, and precision point touch.

To learn more about the T-L irrigation pivot controls, download the brochure.

Remote Monitoring Controls

There are various pivot and remote monitoring options for centre pivots and linear irrigation systems. The purpose of these control options is to reduce manual labour and to have remote management from the convenience of your smartphone. Most remote management applications give you the ease of having complete control monitoring, comprehensive reporting, field-changeable cell modem, email and text alerts, base station options, and even theft detection.

We supply pivot remote monitoring control options through AgSense, T-L Precision Link, and Mait.

Pivot Sprinklers

Sprinklers play a vital role in evenly distributing water across the cultivated area, ensuring the crops receive the right amount of moisture for optimal growth. The selection of appropriate sprinklers can significantly impact water conservation, energy efficiency, and overall crop yield. Factors such as the type of crops, local climate conditions, and water source availability must be considered when choosing sprinklers for centre pivots and linear irrigation systems to maximise agricultural productivity and minimise resource wastage.

We have a great range of sprinklers for centre pivots and linear irrigation systems from our suppliers, Nelson, Senninger and Komet.

Poly Coating

In challenging environments, centre pivots and linear irrigation is unlikely to withstand highly corrosive water sources, wastewater, sludge, livestock manure, or caustic chemicals; conventional centre pivots and linear irrigation systems may face corrosion-induced damage. T-L Irrigation have developed a polycoat protector for galvanized irrigation pipes to address this issue. The polycoat extends the life of the coated galvanized pipe when used in corrosive environments, offering a 10-year warranty (on a pro-rata basis).

Mobile Drip Irrigation

Mobile drip stands as the pinnacle of irrigation efficiency when it comes to harnessing the potential of mobile irrigation systems, such as centre pivots, linear moves, or boom-cart irrigation setups.

A few benefits of mobile drip irrigation:

  • Precision irrigation
  • Potential for over 30% water
  • Eliminates windburn and play shock from sudden temperature

Ideal crops for utilising mobile drip irrigation include:

  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Potatoes
  • Lucerne
  • Tomatoes
  • Cotton
  • Hemp
  • Onion

The Leading Expertise of Pivot and Linear Irrigator Repairs & Services

Regular servicing and preventative maintenance of your centre pivot or linear irrigator system is essential to ensure your machine runs efficiently and reduces the risk of a breakdown – saving you time, money, and stress!

Our centre pivot or linear irrigator maintenance and preventative maintenance services include:

  • Structure inspection
  • Lubricant levels and grease points serviced
  • Tyre pressures checked
  • System alignment
  • Hydraulic filter replacement
  • Sprinkler and regulator inspection
  • Safety system operation
  • Inspection of electrical components and wiring
  • Driveline service and maintenance
  • Optional pump station inspection and service

Where unplanned breakdowns occur, Water Dynamics has the skills and locally held spare parts to get your centre pivot or linear irrigator up and running in no time. For any emergency breakdowns, contact your local branch.

As well as being T-L specialists, we also offer top-notch service and repairs for popular brands like Bauer, Valley, Zimmatic, Reinke, Cropaia, Otech, Irrifrance, Valley Centre Pivots and Pierce and many more. Whether it’s a centre pivot or a linear irrigator, we’ve got the skills to keep it running smoothly. Don’t wait— book your service today for irrigation excellence!

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