Water Dynamics restore functionality to new farm site housing 25 centre pivots


The Customer

Hawkins Booroopki Farms

Job Specifications

  • Assessment of existing irrigation infrastructure, including diesel engines, turbine pumps, PVC pipe mainlines, irrigation water bores and centre pivot irrigators
  • Valuations of same irrigation infrastructure
  • Estimations for repair, replacement relocation and or upgrade of irrigation equipment

Why the customer chose Water Dynamics?

Water Dynamics Mt Gambier had an existing relationship with Hawkins Booroopki Farms, and was able to provide the customer with a solution that was considerably cheaper than the estimated replacement value of the equipment if it was purchased new.


  • Servicing, repairs and/or upgrades to 23 centre pivot sites (total of 156 centre pivot spans)
  • Relocation of 2 centre pivots from another farm site
  • Repairs and/or upgrades to 7 turbine pump units
  • Installation of 4 new diesel turbine pump units, including sheds, connecting to existing PVC mainline and water meters
  • Installation of 1 new diesel engine, mounted on an existing engine base

Project Challenges

Completion of the repairs and upgrades in time for the irrigation season was a challenge that saw up to 12 water dynamics technicians on site at times during the project.

A revised valuation of the equipment was reached after it had been run and tested. It showed initial valuations were slightly different.

Project Outcome

Water Dynamics Mt Gambier were able to service, repair, upgrade and install new equipment to restore full functionality to the new farms 25 centre pivot sites. The work was completed on time and within budget, and everything is operating as expected for the customer.

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