Water Meters – Supply, Design, Installation and Repair

Water meters are indispensable tools for effective water management in businesses. At Water Dynamics, we recognise the crucial role of precision, reliability, and sustainability in water meter solutions. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including supply, design, installation, and repair, ensuring that your water meter needs are met with excellence.

We provide a diverse range of water meters sourced from leading brands that prioritise responsible resource management. Our selection includes state-of-the-art technologies tailored to meet the unique requirements of your business, whether you operate in commercial, industrial, agricultural, or residential settings. With Water Dynamics, you can count on efficient water usage solutions that enable informed decision-making for sustainable business practices.

Why Choose Water Dynamics for Your Water Meter Needs?

  1. Cost Control: Our water meters empower your business to track and analyse water consumption patterns, enabling proactive measures to reduce waste and control costs.
  2. Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility: By promoting responsible water usage, our water metering solutions help align your business with sustainable objectives, reducing your environmental footprint.
  3. Leak Detection and Prevention: Our advanced water metering technology swiftly detects even minor leaks, saving water, preventing property damage, and safeguarding your business interests.
  4. Drought Management: During periods of drought, precise water usage data provided by our water meters facilitates informed decision-making, ensuring sustainable water allocation for your operations.
  5. Compliance with Regulations: We ensure that your business stays compliant with water conservation regulations, avoiding legal complications and potential fines. Find out more about how Water Dynamics can help you navigate these regulations by clicking this link.
  6. Efficiency and Sustainable Business Practices: Investing in our water meter solutions not only provides accurate data but also enhances your resource utilisation strategies, improving operational efficiency and positively impacting your bottom line.

Water Meter Supply

Water Dynamics offers a wide range of water meters sourced from trusted suppliers compliant with the Australian National Measurement Institute’s standards (NMI M10), facilitating efficient irrigation farming.

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Bermad MUT2200
Bermad MUT2200

Explore our offerings:

Magflow Water Meters

Magflow Water Meters, also known as electromagnetic flow meters or magmeters, are devices used to measure the flow rate in a pipe. They meet industry standards and comply with specific agriculture and horticulture guidelines.

Magnflow Water Meters stand out due to their:

  • Accuracy: They are known for their high accuracy, especially in measuring the flow of conductive liquids.
  • No Moving Parts: They have no moving parts in contact with the fluid, reducing wear and tear and minimising maintenance requirements.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Suitable for a variety of conductive fluids,
    including water, chemicals, slurries, and wastewater.
Sitrans F Mag 8000
Sitrans F Mag 8000

Our product range includes the exclusive Australian distributor Bermad of the Euromag range of electromagnetic flow meters to meet diverse needs in billing, water supply, mining, process control, and irrigation applications.

In the realm of irrigation standout, the Magflow Water Meters – MUT2200 and MC608 converter by Bermad are setting new standards for precision and efficiency. Designed with the latest technology, these meters ensure optimal performance, making them the go-to choice for irrigation systems demanding accuracy and reliability.

Look only as far as the Sitrans FM MAG 8000 for those seeking a battery-operated flowmeter. This cutting-edge device offers the convenience of battery operation and guarantees precise measurements without compromising accuracy or overall performance. Its flexibility allows for seamless installation, making it the ideal solution for monitoring water flow wherever needed.

Elster Model Q4000
Elster Model Q4000

Electronics – NMI 10 Approved Solutions

  • ABB AQUAMASTER Sitrans F Mag 5100W
  • Electromagnetic flowmeter Water Master
  • Elster Model Q4000 NMI Pattern Approved Meter

NMI 10 Approved Solutions

  • Sitrans F Mag 5100W and Mag 5000 or 6000

We offer a wider range of Magnetic Water Meters through our suppliers Bermad, Siemens, ABB, and Honeywell Elster.

To learn more about Magflow Water Meters , download the brochure.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Ultrasonic Flow Meters utilise ultrasonic technology to measure the flow of liquids. Ultrasonic waves are employed to determine the velocity of the flowing liquid and calculate the flow rate, making them suitable for various applications. Our range of Ultrasonic flow meters redefines the landscape of liquid measurement, offering businesses a technological edge in efficiency and accuracy.

Dorot GMU 500
Dorot GMU 500

The benefits of Ultrasonic Flow Meters include:

  • Uses innovative advanced technology to measure flow rates with precision, ensuring your business operates at peak efficiency.
  • Non-intrusive designs that operate without direct contact with fluid, minimising downtime, and safeguarding against potential contamination.
  • Whether it’s clean water or contaminated water, it provides reliable measurements tailored to your business needs.

Introducing the Octave by ARAD, the epitome of excellence in Ultrasonic pattern-approved water meters. This device stands out as a revolutionary, precise, and exceptionally reliable bulk water meter, setting a new standard with its innovative design featuring no moving parts. Boasting superior hydraulics and an impressive battery lifespan exceeding 15 years, the Octave ensures unparalleled durability and efficiency.

Orad Octave Pattern Approved
Orad Octave Pattern Approved

In the realm of Ultrasonic Water Meters, the Dorot GMU 500 emerges as a robust solution, combining a sturdy design with cutting-edge dual ultrasonic beam measurement technology. This advanced feature guarantees high-precision measurement, making the GMU 500 an ideal choice for those seeking accuracy and reliability in water metering.

For applications where a compact size or battery-powered option is imperative, look no further than RainMag flow meters. These water meters not only offer a small form factor but also provide the convenience of battery power. While they may not be pattern-approved, RainMag flow meters stand out as a cost-effective and the only alternative in flagged arrangements.

We also offer a wider range of Ultrasonic Water Meters through Bermad, Dorot, Siemens, Netafim, ARAD, Honeywell Elster, and Aquamon.

To learn more about Ultrasonic Water Meters, download the brochure.

Bermad Turbo IR-M
Bermad Turbo IR-M

Paddle Type Flow Water Meters

Paddle Type Flow Water Meters are a type of flow meter designed to measure the flow rate of water or other liquids in a pipeline. They operate on the principle of a freely rotating paddle wheel placed inside the meter’s housing. As the liquid flows through the pipeline, it impinges on the paddle wheel, causing it to spin. The rotation speed of the paddle wheel is directly proportional to the flow rate of the liquid. The paddle wheel design typically has a series of blades or vanes attached to a central axis, and as the liquid flows through the pipeline, it causes the paddle wheel to rotate.

Advantages of Paddle Flow Meters:

  • Relatively simple design and cost-effective
  • Suitable for measuring a wide range of flow rates

Discover precision and versatility with some of our suppliers’ top-selling Paddle-type Flow Meters:

Rivulis RMI Paddle Wheel
Rivulis RMI Paddle Wheel
  • TURBO-IR-M Water Meter: Ideal for irrigation with pulse output. Contains a multi-plastic paddle, mounted at the top of the water passage where disturbance from solids suspended in the water is minimal. The paddle wheel design prevents jamming and damage from solid debris making it suitable for non-filtered irrigation water. It is fully certified in Australia for Irrigation water inclusion having NMI-M10 certification.
  • PWWMPH Paddle Wheel Water Meter: Reliable and easy to use.
  • Netafim IRT Paddle Wheel Water Meters: Available in sizes 80-250mm flanged.
  • Rivulis RMI Paddle Wheel Water Meters: Sizes 50-200mm flanged making it an economical, tangential paddle wheel style.
  • ARAD WST-SB Water Meter: Pattern approved for reliability.
  • ELSTER HONEYWELL R1200 Water Meters: Various models for precision, designed to withstand harsh agricultural conditions and comply with strict European standards.
  • WMSJ Series and WMIRC-PULSER: Versatile options for different flow rates.

We offer a wider range of paddle-type flow water meters through Bermad, Netafim, Rivulis, Arad, Toro.

To learn more about Paddle Type Flow Water Meters, download the brochure.

Woltman Turbine Meter
Woltman Turbine Meter

Mechanical/Turbine Water Meters

At Water Dynamics, we understand the significance of precise water measurement in various industries and applications. That’s why we have meticulously curated a selection of the finest Mechanical/Turbine Water Meters from world-renowned suppliers. Our goal is to ensure efficient water usage and resource management for our clients.

Key Features of Mechanical / Turbine Water Meters:

Accuracy and Reliability: Designed with precision in mind, Mechanical/Turbine Water Meters provide accurate readings to support your water management needs.
Durability: Crafted from high-quality materials, our meters are built to withstand diverse environmental conditions, whether in industrial settings or residential applications. They are engineered for durability and long-term use.
Versatility & Low Maintenance: Adaptable to various flow rates and pressure conditions, our meters cater to a wide range of applications, from commercial buildings to industrial plants. Engineered for efficiency, they require minimal maintenance, reducing operational costs and allowing you to focus on your core business activities without disruptions.

HR LXLG - Series
HR LXLG – Series

Explore our extensive range of Mechanical/Turbine Water Meters sourced from reputable suppliers such as Bermad, Woltman, Arad, Netafim, and HR products.
Among our standout offerings are:

  • WP-Dynamic Turbine Water Meters by Bermad: The WP-D from Bermad is the most accurate, robust, and reliable helical water meter on the market. It is ideally suited for the measurement of high, constant flow rates.
  • Woltman Turbine Meter
  • Bermad TURBO-IR E/M by Woltman
  • Woltman/ ARAD Silver Turbo WSTsb
  • ARAD IRT – Irrigation/Agriculture Water Meter – highly used for measuring the volume of water passing through pipelines in irrigation systems.
  • HR products LXLG-Series Water Meters (80mm to 300mm)
  • Woltman H5000 for reliable water measurement
  • Woltman BIL WPD Water Meter

Our Mechanical/Turbine Water Meters offer unmatched performance and reliability.Contact us to learn more about how they can enhance your water management processes.

Definium Technologies Luna

Remote Monitoring Options

In the fast-paced landscape of modern business, staying ahead requires more than just keeping an eye on your operations – it demands real-time insights. Remote monitoring solutions redefine efficiency, offering businesses a dynamic platform to enhance productivity and make informed decisions.
The benefits of having a remote monitoring system include:

  • Anticipating issues before they arise with predictive maintenance
  • Gaining immediate access to your water consumption data from anywhere
  • Streamlining operations by identifying inefficiencies and optimising processes for cost-effective and sustainable growth
  • Advanced data analytics to gain actionable insights

At Water Dynamics, we believe in empowering our customers with the tools they need to manage water resources effectively. In collaboration with industry-leading suppliers such as Aquamonix, Mait, and Definium Technologies, we proudly present a selection of our best-selling remote monitoring options. Our range includes cutting-edge models such as Emflux Remote Telemetry, iNTELLiTROL, and LoRaWAN, each designed to provide your business with unparalleled control and insights into water usage. For advanced solutions, explore the Definium Technologies Luna Pulse, offering state-of-the-art monitoring capabilities.

To learn more about Remote Monitoring Options, download the brochure.

Brochures and Downloads

For more information on our products and services, download our brochures.

With Water Dynamics, you’re not just investing in a water meter – you’re investing in the future sustainability and efficiency of your business. Contact us today to discover how we can optimise your water management processes.

T-L Centre Pivots
Bermad-TURBO IR-M-RP Data Sheet
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Aquamonix Emflux2030
Aquamonix Emflux2030 Flowmeter
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Aquamonix EmfluxM500
Aquamonix EmfluxM500 Flowmeter
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T-L Centre Pivots
Arad Irigation Type Paddle Flow Meters
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ABB Electromagnetic
ABB Electromagnetic Flowmeter
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HR Products WPD
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Honeywell Elster Water Magflow
Honeywell Elster Water Magflow
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Honeywell Water Metering R1200
Honeywell Water Metering R1200
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Electromagnetic Flowmeters BERMAD
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Mait Remote Water Meter Monitoring
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Netafim Ultrasonic Flow Meters
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Netafim Water Meters
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