Hunter – Innovative Sprinklers and Accessories

hunter-logo-home-pageHunter Industries are one of the market leaders in sprinkler irrigation solutions for residential and commercial applications including parks, gardens, ovals, schools in Australia.

Hunter’s core business interest is in producing products that allow irrigation professionals to create solutions that use as little water and energy as possible to create optimal landscape function and ambience.

Our stores stock a large range of Hunter products at competitive prices. We sell over 50,000 Hunter sprinklers each year across both residential and commercial markets. We are able to design Hunter irrigation systems, or simply supply Hunter products.


Hunter pop-up sprinklers

Our range of Hunter pop-up sprinklers includes:

  • PS Ultra
  • Pro Spray
  • Bodies


Hunter nozzles

Our range of Hunter nozzles includes:

  • MP Rotator nozzles
  • Adjustable arc nozzles
  • Fixed arc nozzles
  • Bubblers and bubbler nozzles


Hunter gear drive sprinklers

Our range of Hunter gear drive sprinklers includes:

  • PGP
  • I-20, I-25, I-40, I-90
  • PGJ
  • SRM


For pricing and availability of Hunter products contact us today on 1800 571 812.