Irrigation Sprinkler System – Supply, Design, Installation and Repair

Sprinklers are an effective method of maximising water efficiency while ensuring an even water application. They can be used across various topographic conditions in countless applications such as home gardens and turf, council landscaping, golf course irrigation, crop irrigation, controlling airborne dust or cooling. We provide a complete design, installation and repair service for irrigation sprinklers.

We have an extensive range of sprinklers in store from leading brands, including Hunter, Toro, Rainbird, Netafim, Rivulis and NaanDaan Jain, to bring you a diverse range of high-quality sprinkler systems.

Why Choose Water Dynamics for Your Sprinkler System Needs?

We understand that choosing the right sprinkler system is essential for maintaining a healthy and vibrant landscape. Here’s why you should make us your trusted partner:

Sprinkler System Design

Our team of experts is dedicated to crafting tailored sprinkler system design solutions that precisely match your landscape’s unique requirements. Whether you have a small garden or a vast commercial property, we’ll design a system that optimises water distribution and minimises waste. Our design process considers plant type, terrain, and water pressure to create an efficient and eco-friendly sprinkler system.

Sprinkler System Installation

Our experienced technicians will help you with the sprinkler system installation, ensuring each component is positioned for maximum efficiency. The proper sprinkler system installation ensures its optimal performance and longevity. Our meticulous approach minimises potential issues, making your system easy to maintain and cost-effective to run.

Sprinkler Supply

Water Dynamics serves as your one-stop destination for premium sprinkler supplies. Our range includes:

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Pop-Up Spray Sprinklers

We sell over 20,000 pop-up sprinklers each year and carry an extensive range in stock. Our best seller is the Hunter MP Rotator PPJ and PDJ. These versatile sprinklers are ideal for small to medium-sized lawns and gardens. Some vital information:

  • They spray in one direction only ie, they do not rotate
  • Generally used for small areas
  • Sold individually or in value packs, with or without nozzles, fixed arc and variable arc options
  • Available as single replacements for a domestic irrigation system or as part of a large commercial design.

We have a great range of pop-up sprinklers from our suppliers, Hunter, Rainbird and Toro.

To learn more about pop-up spray sprinklers, download the brochure.

Pop-Up Gear Driven / Rotor Sprinklers

Our pop-up gear-driven rotor sprinklers are a top choice for larger landscapes or irregularly shaped areas. They are built to handle varying water distribution needs, making them a versatile option for your landscape. Advantages of them include:

  • Sit on the ground and rotate the spray in all directions
  • Utilised to irrigate larger spaces than pop-up spray sprinklers
  • Plastic and metal available

Explore our extensive selection of top-tier pop-up sprinklers sourced from industry-leading suppliers like Hunter, Rain-Bird, and Toro. Among our standout offerings are the renowned Hunter PGP and PGP Ultra and the highly regarded Hunter I20 and I25 series. Additionally, discover the exceptional performance of Rain-Bird’s 8005 and 6005 models and Toro’s impressive 690 and Flex 800 sprinklers, all offering optimal efficiency and coverage for your landscaping needs.

To learn more about pop-up gear driven sprinklers, download the brochure.

Pivot Sprinklers and Pivot Rotator® Packs

Pivot sprinklers and Pivot Rotator® packs typically refer to a type of irrigation product that is attached to your pivot irrigation system.

The sprinklers play a vital role in evenly distributing water across the cultivated area, ensuring the crops receive the right amount of moisture for optimal growth.

The Nelson Pivot Rotator® is a cutting-edge pivot sprinkler designed to optimise irrigation efficiency. Among Nelson’s Rotator® sprinkler range the R3000 and R3030 models stand out, boasting a unique rotating mechanism that produces a broader coverage pattern. This leads to a lower application rate and minimises runoff, allowing for a longer soak time.

Furthermore, the Nelson’s Spinner Rotator® series features the S3000 and S3030 models. The Spinner Rotator® is engineered to deliver a gentle, rain-like droplet, making it ideal for delicate soils and sensitive crops. This innovative design ensures precision in water distribution, catering to the specific needs of your agricultural operation.

Selecting appropriate Pivot sprinklers and Pivot Rotators® can significantly impact water conservation, energy efficiency, and overall crop yield. Factors such as the type of crops, local climate conditions, and water source availability must be considered when choosing sprinklers for centre pivots and linear irrigation systems to maximise agricultural productivity and minimise resource wastage.

We have a great range of sprinkler brands from Nelson, Senniger and Komet for center pivots and linear irrigation systems and offer this range of products to all pivot brands, like Bauer, Valley, Zimmatic, Reinke, Cropaia, Otech, Irrifrance, Valley Centre Pivots and Pierce, plus many others.

To learn more about pivot sprinklers, download the brochure.

Impact Big Gun Sprinklers / Pivot End Gun

Impact big gun sprinklers, often called “Big Guns,” are large-scale irrigation sprinklers designed for agricultural use. The term “End Gun” typically refers to an additional component that can be attached to the end of a pivot system to extend its irrigation reach. Before selecting and installing any type of big gun sprinkler, it is important to consider factors such as water pressure, flow rates and specific needs of the crops being irrigated.

Impact big gun sprinklers are commonly used in agriculture for irrigating crops such as corn, wheat and other large-scale field crops.

Our product range includes the renowned Nelson 75 Series Big Gun, 100 Series, 150 Series, and 200 Series. Additionally, we offer the precision-engineered Toro Perrot P2M and P2S Piston Drive Sprinklers, ensuring optimal performance in your irrigation system.

We offer a range of the Komet series, featuring the Twin Ultra–Twin Max, Twin Ultra Dust Control, and Trigon Impact Big Gun Sprinklers/End Guns. Each product in our selection is curated to meet the diverse needs of modern agriculture, providing reliability and efficiency for your irrigation requirements.

We have a great range of pivot end gun brands from Nelson, Toro and Komet for center pivots and linear irrigation systems and offer this range of products to all pivot brands, like Bauer, Valley, Zimmatic, Reinke, Cropaia, Otech, Irrifrance, Valley Centre Pivots and Pierce, plus many others.

To learn more about impact big gun sprinklers, download the brochure.

Impact Brass Sprinklers

Impact brass sprinklers are commonly known as impact rotors or impulse sprinklers. They are irrigation sprinklers that rotate a bearing arm with a nozzle, causing water to be distributed in a circular pattern; they come in a range of flow rates and are suitable for high-pressure systems covering larger areas. Many brass impact sprinklers are adjustable, allowing you to change the spray distance and pattern, making them versatile for irrigation needs. It is ideal for various applications such as open fields, orchards, plantations, pastures, vegetable gardens, and all-size backyard gardens.

We also stock a great range of impact sprinklers from our suppliers Naan dan Jain, pope and Toro.

To learn more about impact brass sprinklers, download the brochure.

Impact Plastic Sprinklers

Impact plastic sprinklers, also called impulse or impact sprinklers, are commonly used in various applications where water distribution over a large area is required. These sprinklers are characterised by a rotating head that delivers water pulsatingly. The most commonly used applications for impact sprinklers are lawn irrigation, agricultural irrigation, sports fields, parks and recreational areas, orchards or vineyards, dust suppression, nurseries, and fire protection.

The benefits of impact sprinklers are:

  • Traditional sprinklers that sit above ground and can be moved around as required
  • Ideal for large garden areas and farms
  • Advantages include uniformity of coverage, resistance to materials like sand and soil, and they operate at lower water pressures
  • Brass and plastic available
  • Full and partial models available
  • Riser mounted and heads only

We have a great range of impact plastic sprinklers from our suppliers Naan dan Jain, pope and Toro

To learn more about impact sprinklers, download the brochure.

Micro Sprinklers

Micro sprinklers are designed for delicate and precise watering, ideal for all crop types, frost protection, cooling or humidification, either in an open field, greenhouse or an orchard, our extensive sprinkler range offers a variety of different specifications and benefits. Our sprinklers are designed to address all your needs making them also ideal for gardens, potted plants and greenhouse applications.

The advantages of micro sprinklers include:

  • Suitable for both overhead and ground-level irrigation
  • Often sit on a stake
  • Operate at low pressures
  • Available in multiple spray patterns
  • Good uniformity

We have a great range of micro sprinklers from our suppliers Netafim, Rivulis, NaanDan Jain, pope, Antelco

To learn more about micro sprinklers, download the brochure.

Travelling Sprinklers

Travelling sprinklers are a unique irrigation system designed to water larger turf areas such as parks or sporting fields, and they water the site systematically and automatically. One of the key distinctive features of a travelling sprinkler is its ability to move on its own across the field.

The advantages of travelling sprinklers include:

  • Self-propelled mechanisms, typically driven by the water pressure
  • Adjustable spray patterns
  • Automatic shut-off

Discover the Philmac K-Line, an innovative irrigation solution that seamlessly blends portability and economic efficiency. Tailored as a cost-effective, low-pressure farm irrigation system, the K-Line generates robust plastic pods, each housing a powerful impact sprinkler. These pods are intricately linked to a flexible, low-density pipe, allowing for easy towing across your property to irrigate various zones or shifts.

The Philmac K-Line is designed to optimise your irrigation practices and is one of our best sellers. For an in-depth understanding of its features and benefits, we invite you to download our comprehensive brochure. Explore the unparalleled advantages of the Philmac K-Line and elevate your agricultural irrigation.

We have a great range of travelling sprinklers from our suppliers Holman, Toro, and Philmac.

To learn more about travelling sprinklers, download the brochure.

Misting System/Sprinklers

Water Dynamics misting systems are engineered to revolutionise your irrigation experience, bringing precision and efficiency to every drop of water. Designed for various applications, from gardens to greenhouses, our mist sprinklers offer distinct advantages that set them apart.


  • Reduce ambient temperature
  • Easy installation
  • The best solution for sensitive crops like flowers
  • Easy maintenance and effective cleaning

We distribute a wide range of misting systems from Holman, Orbit, and Netafim

To learn more about misting/sprinklers, download the brochure.

Recycled Water Sprinklers

Recycled water sprinklers are a great water-saving product. These industry-standard purple-coloured sprinklers are designed to use recycled water on your property or in small areas. They are designed for low-pressure domestic and small commercial Aerobic Treatment Systems (ATS).


  • Conservation of natural water resources
  • Cost-effective watering solutions
  • Reduce strain on municipal water supplies
  • Nutrient-rich water source

We proudly supply recycled water sprinklers from Antelco Reuzit and Holman.

To learn more about recycled water sprinklers, download the brochure.

Brochures and Downloads

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Holman Misting
Hunter I-20
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Orbit Mist Cooling
Pivot Point To End Gun
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K-Line Irrigation
Impact-Sprinkler VYR 35
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Orbit Mist Cooling
Impact-Sprinkler VYR 60
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Nelson Big Gun
Impact Sprinkler VY 70
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Nelson Big Gun
Impact Sprinkler VY 80
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Orbit Mist Cooling
Senninger 20 Series
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Nelson Big Gun
Senninger 30 Series
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Nelson Big Gun
Senninger 40 Series
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Orbit Mist Cooling
Senninger 70 Series
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Nelson Big Gun
Holman Solid Travelling Spinkler
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Nelson Big Gun
Nelson Irrigation Rotator R10
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Orbit Mist Cooling
Nelson MS10
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