Irrigation Sprinkler Experts – Supply, Design, Installation and Repair

Sprinklers are an effective method of maximising water efficiency, while ensuring an even application of water. They can be used across a range topographic conditions in countless applications such as home gardens and turf, council landscaping, golf course irrigation, crop irrigation, controlling airborne dust or for cooling.

From a garden irrigation sprinkler to a sprinkler system for a golf course, Water Dynamics can supply the most efficient and cost effective sprinkler system to suit your needs. We also provide a complete design, installation and repair service for irrigation sprinklers.

We have a large range of sprinklers in store from leading brands including Hunter, ToroRainbird, Netafim, Rivulis and NaanDaan Jain.hunter-psultra-sprinkler

Pop-up spray sprinklers

  • Sit in the ground and spray in one direction only ie they do not rotate
  • Generally used for small areas
  • We sell over 20,000 pop-up sprinklers each year and carry a large range in stock
  • Sold individually or in value packs, with or without nozzles, fixed arc and variable arc options
  • Available as single replacements for a domestic irrigation system or as part of a large commercial design for a council park


Pop-up gear driven / rotor sprinklers

  • Sit in the ground and rotate ie spray in all directions
  • Utilised to irrigate larger spaces than pop-up spray sprinklers
  • Plastic and metal available

Impact sprinklers

  • Traditional sprinklers that sit above ground and can be moved around as required
  • Ideal for large garden areas and farms
  • Advantages include uniformity of coverage, resistance to materials like sand and soil, and they operate at lower water pressures
  • Brass and plastic available
  • Full and partial models available
  • Riser mounted and heads onlytoro-waterbird-pc

Micro sprinklers

  • Suitable for both overhead and ground level irrigation
  • Often sit on a stake
  • Operate at low pressures
  • Available in multiple spray patterns

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