Vinidex – Reliable Pipe Solutions

Vinidex is a leading manufacturer of pipe systems and solutionvinidex-logo-home-pages for the transportation of fluid and energy. Manufactured in Australia, Vinidex  pipes range from 15mm to 1,000mm. Their products are used both across Australia and internationally.

We are pleased to offer our customers competitive pricing on a comprehensive range of Vinidex pipes and fittings systems for irrigation applications.


Vinidex PE pipes

We supply Vinidex polyethylene (PE) irrigation, rural and pressure pipe as well as PE fittings systems. Vinidex PE pipe is flexible, easy to work with and comes in a wide range of diameters ranging from 13mm to 75mm, and lengths ranging from 25m to 300m.

PE pipe is used in the irrigation industry for stock watering, micro-irrigation, water supply and reticulation systems.


Vinidex PVC pressure pipes

We supply a number Vinidex PVC pipes including Supermain, Hydrao, Vinyl Iron, Polydex and PVC-U Pressure Pipe. Vinidex PVC pipes are available in two diameter groups, Series 1 and Series 2, and range from 50mm to 575mm.

Vinidex PVC pressure pipes are designed to cope with high pressure in such applications as irrigation, turf watering, potable water mains and general reticulation.


Vinidex Draincoil pipes

We supply Vinidex Draincoil, a strong, flexible and corrosion resistant corrugated slotted pipe. These pipes provide effective drainage of surface water and subsoil and are particularly used in viticulture, aquaculture, cotton and sugar cane industries.


For pricing and availability of Vinidex products call us today on 1800 571 812.