Irrifrance Hard Hose Reel Machines for Parks, Sports fields, Pastures and Crops

Hard Hose Irrigation Systems are designed to sit at the edge of a paddock attached to a hydrant; it consists of a hose reel with a big gun sprinkler on the end of a poly hose; the hose reel rewinds the hose in by the water-powered turbine which is mounted to the hose reel. Ideal for applying water on small and large farms, difficult-shaped paddocks, most crops and pastures, sporting grounds and parks. 


They are an uncomplicated system that is easy to transport, operate and troubleshoot and can be particularly cost-effective.


Water Dynamics is the Australian exclusive distributor of the Irrifrance Hard Hose Reel Machines.


  • Irrifrance Hard Hose Reel Machines are designed in the finest detail for simple and safe use, with strict application of all EEC standards
  • The PE, which is exclusively manufactured at Paulhan in south of France, is 100% designed from new resin, with constant thickness levels
  • Qualified for 16 bars
  • Equipped with IRRICONTROL and IRRIDOSEUR automated water management   
  • Turbine is cast iron construction and not aluminum      
  • 30% heavier machine than comparable European machines     
  • The HDPE hose is manufactured by Irrifrance  
  • Full Hydraulic functions 

Irrifrance Hard Hose Reel Machines are a premium, heavy-duty quality product to last a lifetime.


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