Calpeda – Industrial Pumps

Originating in Italy, Calpeda manufacture over 2,000 different 8-calpeda-logotypes of pumps with power ranging from 0.5kW to 200Kw. They are committed to studying, developing and manufacturing industrial pumps.

We supply an extensive range of Calpeda products including various multi-stage submersible pumps, vertical multi-stage pumps, gear pumps, circulating pumps, horizontal multi-stage pumps, pressure switches, self-priming pumps, centrifugal pumps, end-suction pumps, borehole pumps, submersible motors, electronic regulators and control panels.

Calpeda pumps are suited for a range of irrigation applications as well as wastewater and sewage applications.


Does your Calpeda pump need servicing?

We service and repair all types of Calpeda pumps in our workshops, and are well versed in the common causes of pump breakdowns. With a range of spare parts easily accessible, we work to ensure that the pump can be returned to service as soon as is possible to provide our customers minimal downtime.


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