Maximise Water Efficiency with Drip Irrigation

drip-vegetetable-irrigationDrip irrigation is the process of slowly applying water directly to the plant’s root zone, using a system of drippers or emitters, valves, pipes and tubing, to maintain the ideal moisture level in the soil at all times. This results in reduced water loss to the sun and wind, and no water wastage on non-growth areas.

Drip irrigation allows the water to be pushed deeper into the soil and helps promote the roots to grow downward rather than laterally, as they would with shallower watering. The low flow rate of water from outlets on a drip irrigation system also enables the user to water a much larger area from a single water source, particularly useful in the agricultural and horticultural industries.

Our range of drip irrigation products includes:

  • Dripperlinesaquatraxx drip tape
    • Integral PC and non PC
    • Integral thin walled tape
  • Drippers and emitters – PC and non PC
  • Online emitters

We have a range of drip irrigation products from leading brands including Netafim, NaanDaan Jain, Toro and Rivulis.

Our range of drip irrigation products and components is supported by our IAL certified irrigation designers who will work with you to design the most water efficient drip irrigation system possible.

Australian distributors of Netafim Drip Irrigation Products

We are highly experienced with Netafim’s agricultural range including the Uniram and Techline AS ranges and their landscaping range including the Miniscape and Scapeline ranges.

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