Water Dynamics Renews Partnership with Ausveg for 2017

Water Dynamics has commenced the year with some exciting news… We are pleased to announce that we have renewed our partnership with Ausveg for 2017!

In 2016, Water Dynamics began a one year partnership agreement with Ausveg. This partnership enabled us to support vegetable and potato growers directly by providing our water management and irrigation expertise and services.

Water Dynamics provides irrigation systems and services for various industries such as agriculture, residential, municipal and more, and is dedicated to assisting the future growth and sustainability of horticulture. Our partnership with Ausveg allowed us to strengthen our support for this industry and provided us with valuable knowledge, experiences and networking opportunities.

As part of our partnership with Ausveg, Water Dynamics participated in the National Horticulture Convention. The event was held at RAVC Pines Resort at the Gold Coast and ran over three busy days, where we were able to exhibit our services and discuss our agricultural irrigation capabilities with horticulture growers. Additionally, our discussions with a number of attendees provided us with the opportunity to learn more about the needs of vegetable and potato growers in relation to water irrigation.

Water Dynamics valued this opportunity and looks forward to the year ahead with the 2017 National Horticulture Convention taking place in Adelaide on the 15th – 17th May. This will again allow us to display our irrigation and water management service and provide us with networking opportunities so we can continue supporting the Horticulture industry.

For more information about Water Dynamics, contact us on 1800 571 812. If you would like to know more about Ausveg please visit www.ausveg.com.au.

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