Water Dynamics is the Exclusive Australian Distributor of Irrifrance Hard Hose Reel Machines

When it comes to irrigation methods, Water Dynamics has been on top of the game for the last five-and-a-half decades. If you’re in need of an irrigation solution for your agricultural project, no matter the size or type, Water Dynamics has to be your go-to choice.Now, we are partnering with French designers and producers Irrifrance for our Hard Hose Reel Machines to ensure that we have the necessary hose solutions to tackle the toughest of irrigation projects. Irrifrance hard hose reel machines are designed with a ‘fire-and-forget’ solution to irrigation in mind.

Irrifrance Hard Hose Irrigators were developed as an affordable means to significantly reduce labour and increase irrigation uniformity, especially for odd-shaped fields. Designed to sit at the edge of the paddock, sports field, garden centre, or other irrigated terrain and attach to a hydrant – allowing for a constant flow of water between the hydrant and the irrigation device. Irrifrance Hard Hose Reel machines are powered by water themselves. The actual reeling device that controls the hose length has continuous movement, which contributes to uniformity.

What’s In the Irrifrance Hard Hose Reel Machine?

Intended for large-scale use, the Irrifrance Hard Hose Reel machine consists of the following parts:

Poly Hose – polyethylene piping, made of tough plastic and built to withstand plenty of weather, this piping is what brings the water from the hydrant, through the hoseline and to the irrigation gun itself. All Irrifrance hard hose reel machine packs include as a standard a Komet gun. You can select a different option for the guns based on your preferred choice with an additional cost

Irridoseur Mechanism – This computer mechanism allows you to control the application rates and has a delay function, allowing you to set and forget and focus on your task.

The GSM choice – Combine with the Irridoseur, the GSM equipment enables distant communication with the hose reel through SMS messages:
• Information posted on the mobile phone: end of irrigation alarm, detailed alert in case of dysfunction
• Distance irrigation programming: on and off function, change of data and program query To improve performance when no direct sunny exposure, a new option is available: Additional solar panel kit.

Quality and Quantity

Water Dynamics has been working tirelessly to ensure that Australian farmers, municipalities and sports teams have access to the very best irrigation systems in the world. This partnership with Irrifrance shows our commitment to our clients to provide them with the best – continuously. At 30% heavier than any European counterpart, the Irrifrance Hard Hose Reel Machine is built like a tank. The turbine that the system uses for pumping is made of cast iron, rather than traditional aluminium designs. This cast iron construction gives Irrifrance the edge over the competition – if you’ve ever done any cooking with cast iron, you know the quality of which we speak! Cast iron construction lasts far longer than cheaper aluminium turbine metals.
Waterdynamics Irrifrance Hard Hose Reel Machines


One of the main buying points for anyone looking to purchase the Irrifrance Hard Hose Reel Machine is just how portable the hard hose reel machine is. Supplied with full hydraulic kit for jack, legs and rotation, allowing you to hook it onto your truck or tractor and pull it to where you need to irrigate.

Different Models

In stock now we have the Optima Series:

Optima 1027 and the Optima 1020

The Optima Series of Irrifrance hard hose reel machines are built with farming in mind – offering pressure aplenty and a hose reel that never ends, you’ll have plenty of options when buying into this line, including irridoseur and irricontrol options, including a motorised turbine.
Waterdynamics Irrifrance Hard Hose Reel Machines
We can order the:

2000 Series:

The 2000 Series of Irrifrance hard hose reel machines are available to crop farmers. Coming in at 550 to 750m worth of hose, it’s perfect for any farming operation.

3000 Series:

The 3000 Series is the beast of farming hard hose reel machinery. Made of galvanised steel, it comes with an Irridoseur and an Irricontrol system.

Micro-Mini Series:

The Mini Pneuride 63-70 is perfect for smaller applications like sports fields, as it offers between 5 to 10 bars of PSI. The Micro 44-50 is Irrifrance’s smallest hard hose offering, with a turbine
Water Dynamics is incredibly proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor of Irrifrance products,
we make sure that you have access to the very best European irrigation technology, no matter what your application might be. Contact us today to see how you can get hooked up with the Irrifrance Hard Hose Reel Machine.

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