Water Dynamics supply rain water to local community football and netball clubs


The Customer

East Gambier Football Club

Job Specifications

  • To supply rain water to the football and netball locker room showers and the club kitchen
  • Total water required when all taps running is 130L/m

Why the customer chose Water Dynamics?

Water Dynamics Mount Gambier have worked with the local community football club in the past, and therefore have a good relationship with sales staff by having come up with good solutions to solve their irrigation requirements.


A Grundfos CMBE 3-62 Twin variable speed pumping system was installed to meet the clients requirements.

Project Challenges

  • To maintain and supply a constant amount of water at a good pressure to run up to 12 showers and a kitchen tap at the peak period after the games have finished
  • To conserve power when less taps are being used
  • To utilize the rain water harvested off the club rooms roof

Project Outcome

Grundfos pump is operating as expected for the client

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