Innovating Agriculture: Transforming Australian Farms with Advanced Irrigation Techniques

In an era of shifting climate patterns and evolving agricultural practices, South Australian pastoralist Richard Gould is leading the charge in modernising land management techniques. His recent collaboration with Water Dynamics has paved the way for innovative stock feed irrigation at the Cortina Pastoral’s Greenways property on South Australia’s Limestone Coast. This cutting-edge irrigation project promises not only to enhance productivity but also to ensure long-term sustainability in a dynamic agricultural landscape.

Water Dynamics installed T-L fixed span pivots at Cortina Pastoral’s Greenways property on South Australia’s Limestone Coast

Boosting ROI Through Cutting-Edge Irrigation

Gould’s vision for Cortina Pastoral’s 1200-hectare Greenways Limestone Coast property is to optimise returns and provide more control over the future of his well-run beef and sheep farming enterprise. To accomplish this, he sought the expertise of Water Dynamics, a trusted name in irrigation solutions, based in Mount Gambier. The result was two low-maintenance, hydraulically-operated, six-span centre pivot irrigation systems that have ushered in a new era of stock feed cultivation on his property.
The irrigation systems suggested, supplied and installed by Water Dynamics, are not only cost-efficient but also water-efficient. By harnessing the American-made Vertiline pump and column pipe technology, each pivot covers 32 hectares, enabling the successful cultivation of a 2023 summer crop. This innovation ensures that Greenways can optimise land and stock management, taking full advantage of market conditions.
Water Dynamics Mt. Gambier’s Matthew Eland highlights the significance of forward-thinking farmers like Richard Gould. He notes that the benefits of cost and water-efficient irrigation extend to both immediate and longer-term gains, particularly in terms of animal and resource management. Importantly, these advancements become increasingly crucial as Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology hints at transitioning from La Niña to El Niño weather patterns, emphasising the need for sustainable irrigation practices.

T-L hydraulically actuated control installations, such as this one at Greenways, provide simplicity and hydraulic technology familiar to farmers

The Power of Hydraulics in Agriculture

One of the most remarkable aspects of this project is the use of T-L planetary hydraulic drive systems. These systems, already proven in broad-acre farming in the United States and installed by Water Dynamics in Australia for over four decades, offer unparalleled simplicity and reliability. What sets hydraulic systems apart from their electrical counterparts is their familiarity to farmers. Since hydraulics are prevalent in both fixed and mobile farming equipment, the need for specialist electricians or tradesmen for maintenance is drastically reduced. Water Dynamics’ service technicians are well-versed in these systems and can promptly address any issues, minimising downtime.

A Sustainable Solution for Modern Farming

The Greenways project incorporates a range of features, including new bores, diesel turbine pumpd sets, concrete pump pads, and Zincalume pump sheds. These components work seamlessly together to support the two T-L hydraulic fixed six-span pivots, equipped with Precision Point Control and planetary gearboxes.
What sets the T-L systems apart is their hydrostatic control, which maintains continuous movement and alignment with the end tower. This design significantly reduces gearbox wear compared to electrically driven systems, ensuring longevity and reliability. Moreover, T-L systems provide an unmatched level of water and fertiliser distribution, delivering a consistent water pattern that maximises crop yield.

Water Dynamics’ T-L systems maintain alignment through the use of a simple hydraulic spool valve. The alignment system moves the spool valve, metering the required hydraulic fluid flow for each tower, maintaining continuous movement and alignment with the end tower. This simple hydrostatic control is engineered to be vastly superior to stop-start electric microswitch designs.

A Safe and Sustainable Future

Perhaps one of the most compelling aspects of this system is its inherent safety and sustainability. By eliminating the need for high-voltage power, the T-L irrigation systems are not affected by lightning strikes, which are common in South Australia. With a maximum requirement of 24 volts for control system options, this innovation promises a secure and dependable future for Australian agriculture.

In Conclusion

The Greenways project at Cortina Pastoral is a testament to the power of innovation in agriculture. By embracing cutting-edge irrigation practices and harnessing the efficiency of hydraulic technology, Richard Gould and Water Dynamics are leading the way in sustainable and profitable farming. This project showcases the adaptability and resilience of Australian farmers in the face of changing weather patterns and highlights the importance of continually evolving land management practices. In a world that is constantly shifting, this collaboration stands as a beacon of hope for the future of agriculture in Australia.

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