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Water Dynamics are very proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor for the unmatched quality Irrifrance Hard Hose Reel Machines. Irrifrance machines are meticulously designed for the simplest and safest use in all agricultural applications. For more information about the Water Dynamic range of Irrifrance Hard Hose Reel Machines, please share your details below and our friendly local Water Dynamics Longford team will be in touch promptly.

    Optima 1027 Optima 1020

    Water Dynamics is your exclusive Australian distributor for Irrifrance Hard Hose Reel Machines!

    • Irrifrance Hard Hose Reel Machines are designed in the finest detail for simple and safe use, with strict application of all EEC standards
    • The PE, which is exclusively manufactured at Paulhan in south of France, is 100% designed from new resin, with constant thickness levels
    • Qualified for 16 bars
    • Equipped with IRRICONTROL and IRRIDOSEUR automated water management
    • Irrifrance turbines are cast iron construction and not aluminum
    • 30% heavier machine than comparable European machines
    • HDPE hose manufactured by Irrifrance
    • Full Hydraulic functions

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