Hard and Soft Hose Travelling Irrigators for Parks, Sports Fields, Pastures and Crops

Travelling irrigators are sprinklers fixed to a moving platform, ideal for applying water on small farms, pastures, sporting grounds and parks.

Travelling irrigators are uncomplicated systems that are easy to transport, operate and troubleshoot. They are available in many variations of size, speed, hose material and hose length.irtec-travelling-irrigator

This method of irrigation can be particularly cost effective, while also being less manual than some irrigation methods.

Australian distributors of Irtec travelling irrigators

Water Dynamics is the Australian distributor of Irtec’s hard hose travelling irrigators.

We stock the following Irtec ranges:

Garden seriesirtec-travelling-irrigator-90g

  • Model 50FBT / 170: 110mm hose diameter / 420m hose length
  • Model 40FBT / 130: 40mm hose diameter / 130m hose length

Agricultural series

  • Model 110G / 420ES: 110mm hose diameter / 420m hose length
  • Model 90G / 300C: 90mm hose diameter / 300m hose length

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