Tailored Irrigation Systems for Optimal Citrus Production


The citrus industry is the largest fresh fruit exporter in the Australian fruit industry – worth $200 million each year. The industry is largely made up of orange and mandarin growers but also includes lemons, limes and grapefruit producers. In order to achieve maximum yield volumes and quality, it is vital that citrus trees receive adequate water.

With 90% of Australia’s citrus grown in the Murray-Darling region, our Water Dynamics branches at Mildura, Robinvale, Shepparton and Yarrawonga are conveniently located for your citrus irrigation needs.

Water Dynamics offer a range of citrus irrigation solutions including drip irrigation and micro sprinklers. Our irrigation specialists design tailored systems and programs based on the needs of your individual crop, soil and climatic conditions. With products from leading brands and using the latest technology, Water Dynamics ensures your citrus trees have adequate water at critical times for maximised fruit size, consistent yields and higher quality fruit.

Drip irrigation provides farmers with greater control over inputs and is one of the most efficient watering systems for citrus trees. Water efficiency is maximised as water and fertilisers are applied directly to the root zone, minimising evaporation and leaching. Contact Water Dynamics and  discover how we can can help you maximise citrus production whilst minimising water waste. 

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