Irtec – Hard Hose Travelling Irrigators

irtec-logoWhether it be for horticulture, dairy, sporting fields, gardens or schools, Irtec manufactures a range of hard hose travelling irrigators. Originating from Italy, Irtec pride themselves on offering their customers quality assured, user friendly and competitively priced products.

Irtec’s travelling irrigation range constitutes 14 basic structures which can be configured into 190 different variations to suit your individual requirements. These various models accommodate polyethylene pipe that ranges from 40mm to 140mm in diameter and 130m to 750m in length. They can also be powered by water turbine, hydraulic motor and both diesel or petrol engines.

Water Dynamics has supplied over 500 Irtec travelling irrigators across Australia, with extensive experience with the Irtec G series and FBT series.

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